Leafletwatch: Let’s crop it there

CPLuZV4W8AAlRrVAMID the confusion over Angela Pober’s resignation from the Camden Labour group last week, the Tories seem adamant that her side of the story is the most authentic and have made a special effort to let everyone know with a speedily-produced edition of their In Touch bulletin. The story is a case of she says one thing, and her now ex-Labour colleagues say another in relation to whether West Hampstead Library could close, or not.

Leaving it for the readers to make their own minds up about what’s gone on here and who’s zoomin’ who, the New Journal put the difference of opinion on the front page last week, with the open question ‘so who’s right?’ in the standfirst blurb.

But whaddayaknow? The bit on our splash where the Labour Party attempts to defend itself, by claiming they are ‘baffled’ by Cllr Pober’s remarks and don’t recognise her point of view has been conveniently cropped from the Conservative leaflet hastily rushed out over the weekend. 



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