Morning update 29.09.15: Tulip vs Sian

morningupdate5WHO IS NEGLECTING WHO?

AS mentioned a couple of posts ago, new Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq has been ramping up the media appearances in recent weeks. She was on the Sunday Politics (London segment) at the weekend and was asked about what she thought of Sadiq Khan’s chances of winning the London mayoralty. She rolled off a few familiar lines, but then turned her guns suddenly on Green Party candidate Sian Berry. By standing for City Hall, Sian would be ‘neglecting’ her constituents in her Highgate council ward, Tulip told the viewers at home. Recap: Highgate is a split ward between Labour and Green. “Has Sadiq or Zac [Goldsmith, possible Conservative canddate] resigned as MPs yet,” Sian says in response to the surprise attack. “Or Caroline [Pidgeon, Lib Dem candidate] as an AM?” That’s a polite way of Sian telling Tulip to shuddupyahface.


IN Brighton yesterday, you could hardly walk ten paces without bumping into a Labour Party member from north London. Just an hour on the train, councillors from Camden, Islington and Haringey are down here in numbers. So far none of them have been pictured in their shorts on the beach, despite the glowing weather. Georgia Gould, Sally Gimson, Sarah Hayward and Theo Blackwell all spoke at fringe events yesterday, while Keir Starmer and Tulip Siddiq are hardly off the stage. Last night, both of the MPs were on stage with at the Dome Theatre for a lively discussion on winning back power, hosted by the Guardian. Caroline Flint, Diane Abbott and Kezia Dugdale were there. At one stage, a member of the audience asked if this panel knew so much about winning power, why had none of them stood for the Labour leadership themselves. Diane obviously could say she had, last time. Kezia has won her own leadership election in Scotland. So, what about the other three? Blushes were spared for Keir, who continues to be pegged by the press as possible successor to Jeremy Corbyn some day in the future, by Tulip Siddiq quickly cutting the question dead. She joked that it had been too early for her to stand as leader but that she would if the opportunity came up in 2020. The line had a few murmurs in the audience about true words being said in jest.


A SCAN across the main conference floor yesterday as UNITE union chief Len McCluskey addressed delegates picked out a surprise spot. Sat in a prime spot to catch all of Len’s words was none other than Conservative councillor Andrew Mennear. “I’m here for work,” he insisted, as he later snuck out of the hall, escaping a New Journal long lens.



SWITCHAROO incoming: A divided group going back to the grassroots venues with some of its big names no longer playing on the main stage… and that’s just S Club 7/the Labour Party. Taking no notice of  Jeremy Corbyn’s main stage billing this week, the pop group – now S Club 3 – say they are the biggest draw in town today, with a £4 freshers special gig in the Przym nightclub next to the main Labour conference building. How many worse-for-wear Labour members will be stumbling in their later and singing a long to Reach, while wishing, like Jo, Bradley and Tina, they could turn the clock back to the year 2000.


A COUPLE from me, John Mills in full flow last night, warning Labour to tread carefully over the EU referendum, the big Labour donor and former Labour councillor has been a long-term Euro sceptic:

GEORGE Galloway is absolutely delighted to be asked for a selfie on the sea front.

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  1. You quote Tulip on “Sunday Politics”, saying;-

    “By standing for City Hall, Sian would be ‘neglecting’ her constituents in her Highgate council ward, Tulip told the viewers….”

    That’s MIGHTY rich coming from Tulip,

    who from the year she was elected a Councillor she TOTALLY neglected her Regent’s Park ward to pound the pavements in Kilburn and Brent to get into the Westminster Parliament.

    I think I’ve done more for her ex-ward’s citizens in Regent’s park ward (on HJS2 and air quality) than ever Tulip did.

  2. Everyone knows Tulip Siddiq never thought being a councillor was good enough for her. She used the role as photo opportunities and the media played right into her hands.

  3. We don’t like Tulip then!

  4. Philip Healry // October 1, 2015 at 1:52 pm //

    What a jealous lot you all are. Tulip was elected in the most marginal seat in the uk at the last election. It was the Tories number one target seat. You people need to get a life.

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