Morning update 07.10.15: Hug an anarchist

morningupdate5WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?

A SPEEDY update this morning, for it is the CNJ’s press day and these celebrity planning stories don’t write themselves. But in case you didn’t see it, here’s Tory councillor Jonny Bucknell talking to a man carrying an anarchist flag outside the Conservative conference in Manchester this week. It was pretty hectic at times, going into the secure zone. Everybody, from the cleaners to journalists to Boris Johnson, were heckled. I was called ‘Nazi scum’. I presume my lack of tie meant I was downgraded from the more familiar chant of  ‘Eton scum’. I rather pathetically showed a snarler my press card, to which I was downgraded further to ‘journalist scum, spreading propaganda’.

Jonny, being Jonny, decided he was not just going to scoot by. He said he wanted to ask why everybody was so angry, and so here he is in our film engaging with a man whose face is half covered with a bandana. JB comes away suggesting that welfare reforms could be softened, and maybe ministers should come down and debate it all at the barriers.

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