Morning update 08.10.15: In Brian’s footsteps


THE Conservatives are almost at the end of their search to find their first post-Coleman candidate in Barnet and Camden ahead of next year’s London elections. What we know this morning is that it will be a bloke. Westminster councillor Antonia Cox withdrew from the final shortlist yesterday. The Barnet boys, Dan Thomas and Dean Cohen, head up the remaining trio, although hopes on the Camden side of the two-borough constituency lie with Tim Barnes. They are not competing to play in a dead rubber. The voting suggested that some Conservatives actually didn’t vote for Coleman on a personal level last time and party strategists believe that resetting the scoreboard with a less, shall we say, blunt candidate can work in their favour. Given that nearly every north London Tory also sees Jeremy Corbyn as a simply ludicrous figure and a vote-loser, there is also relish at the prospect of putting that theory to the test with a public vote next month. Andrew Dismore is, of course, the man would have to unseat to secure victory.


COME on, Andrew Neil, tell us something we don’t know. Chasing a story now three years stale, here’s the Daily Politics telling us YET AGAIN that Jonny Bucknell sleeps in his car at conference. The tale, as old as JB’s home brew wine, may not get not another airing next year, however. The Belsize councillor is worried his motor will not pass its next MOT.


IT was good to see Edward De Mesquita back up on his feet and enjoying conference in Manchester this week. The manager of the Hampstead crepe stand was very seriously injured in a car crash in France last year. Touring the exhibition hall at Manchester Central, he looked to have made a good recovery and you can spot him in the Tory ‘team photo’ in today’s New Journal.


LABOUR MP Tulip Siddiq is rather happy with the GBBO final

TOM Copley has most definitely been on the radio, everybody

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