Mike Katz asks for your vote again

mikekatzMike Katz, whose ups and downs have been closely followed in these pages, finds himself up for election again. He is number eight on Labour’s list of top-up candidates at next year’s City Hall elections.

If we are honest, Labour are going to need a spectacular evening if he is to be elected from there, but it’s a measure of something that he keeps going, putting himself up for the public vote, even if that also means putting himself in the firing line. I think it’s called bouncebackability,

Others might have walked away from a roll of setbacks. The former Camden councillor was diligent enough at the Town Hall, but found himself ousted from his seat in Kilburn ahead of the last local elections, the victim of the ‘Red Kilburn’ eruption. He then missed out on parliamentary selection in Hampstead and Kilburn, where an all-women shortlist was imposed, and Brent Central, where Dawn Butler was chosen, securing a route back to the House of Commons.

Mike would surely have been among the contenders for the Barnet and Camden Labour candidacy had the sitting member, Andrew Dismore, won in Hendon at May’s general election. Dismore’s loss, led to a big stand down of several people aware of a potential City Hal vacancy. Some still hold a touch of a grudge.

Meanwhile, Fiona Twycross, Tom Copley, Nicky Gavron and Murad Qureshi are back for more, while Alison Moore, the leader of the Labour group in Barnet, has the squeaky fifth position on the list. Candidates below here on the order will probably need more than a fair wind in their favour to make the podium.

The full Labour list is:

  1. Fiona Twycross 2. Tom Copley 3. Nicky Gavron 4. Murad Qureshi, 5, Alison Moore, 6, Preston Tabois, 7. Feyal Demirci, 8. Mike Katz, 9. Emily Brothers, 10. Bevan Powell, 11. Lisa Homan,  Reserves: Sara Hyde, Bassam Mahfouz

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  1. chris knight // November 3, 2015 at 2:22 pm //

    Mike’s the best of that bunch!

  2. Aw, shucks, Chris!

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