Ice-pick in Hampstead and Kilburn

A LABOUR Party purge of sorts came to Camden last week when Daniel Randall, a member in Hampstead and Kilburn, saw his expulsion confirmed. As part of what has been dubbed ‘Operation Icepick’, after the weapon which did for Leon Trotsky, Randall was told his membership had been cancelled during the Labour leadership campaign after a connection was made to his support for the Alliance for Workers Liberty; group described by those happily holding the exit door open for him on the way out as ‘proud trots’.

In response, the Red Labour group has demanded that Randall, and three others linked to AWL  (including two over in Hornsey and Wood Green), be re-instated. There was an attempt to draw Jeremy Corbyn and UNITE into the row too. Local critics, however, say a ‘clear case of entryism’ has been identified here. Although this one was easy to spot, they say, other cases may prove harder to detect as the membership continues to rise in both Camden’s branches.

Randall will not go quietly, however. He questions ‘why now?’, as in why is he being expelled now when he has been a Labour Party member since 2006 and his link with AWL was well known. Anybody with a Google search bar can read through his back story.

“During this election campaign, I successfully proposed that my current union, the RMT, support the Labour candidate in my constituency (Tulip Siddiq in Hampstead and Kilburn),” Randall wrote recently. “I will be appealing against my expulsion, because I believe that a Labour Party that cannot accommodate me, and the 100,000 other left-wing members and supporters like me who have been expelled as part of this election, but can accommodate the likes of Blair and Mandelson – super-rich class warriors for neo-liberal capitalism – must be overhauled and transformed.”

Don’t expect Tulip to be returning any favours here. The issue is far too prickly.

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