The fair weather fans hit back

ANDREW Gimson, the Tory-leaning writer from Gospel Oak, could definitely be made out cheering on his Labour councillor wife, Sally, in the politicians vs journalists charity football match in Camden Town on Friday evening.

Like a nouveau Arsenal fan drinking a latte in the expensive seats at the Emirates, the Boris Johnson biographer’s well-educated tones could be heard crying: ‘Come on you reds’. Obviously a regular on the terraces, nobody thought. He might as well have come with a rattle.

Later, he was charged with taking a team photo, and as he stumbled and bumbled for the right button, Sally’s colleagues joined in with a chorus of: Tory, Tory, Tory… But his quick counter-chant of ‘ten more years, ten more years’ to the team in red was very sharp.


On the subject of chameleon soccer fans, Sadiq Khan was bagged for wearing an Arsenal scarf when we all know he’s a Liverpool fan earlier this week. We asked him about his betrayal of the Kop (approx. 200 miles from City Hall) yesterday, but I think he spotted our north London allegiances.

“That’s a typical Gooner question,” he grumped, when Tom Foot queried the scarf. “We know how passionate Arsenal fans are but the issue is bigger than you Gooners. Arsenal now pay their permanent staff the living wage, but the issue is about those people who work on match day for just a few hours. We want Arsenal to do the best they can for the staff who work a few hours. Most Gooner fans are progressive and they were very supportive of us on Sunday. For me, wearing an Arsenal scarf for the day was just the price we pay.”

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