Citizens of the world

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A NIGHT of sheer horror in Paris. Belsize councillor Leila Roy was born and grew up near the French capital. Here are her words this evening:

“It was horrendous seeing what was happening live on French television. There was crying and a lot of anger. My thoughts are obviously with all the victims and their families. However, as atrocious as these attacks have been, we can’t let them change the way we live. Hundreds of people flooded hospital in Paris to give blood today. They had to send people home. The terrorists tried to create an atmosphere of fear and what came out is solidarity not just in France but throughout the world. Today I’m French, I’m a Londoner but with all the support from everywhere I truly feel like a citizen of the world.”

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  1. It is quite interesting to read this post in light of the recent developments in the Tory party, and in particular Theresa May’s speech at the Birmingham conference: “if you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere”… :-)

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