Councillor Currie, you’re barred!

CONSERVATIVE councillor Tom Currie walked into an obvious heckle when he stood up at last night’s council meeting to celebrate the fact pubs in Hampstead have been granted ACV protection status last week. “You’re barred!’, came the toot from the other side of the room. He responded quickly: ‘I don’t wear a cardigan, so I’m alright’.

He was referring to Ella Jessel’s report last week that the Duke of Hamilton’s landlord Steve Coxshall has decided to bar 800 members of the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum for applying for the extra planning protection – without consulting him. He doesn’t want it because he is worried how it could affect his future business interests. His line about ‘hypocrites in cardigans’ was picked up by a host of nationals from Ella Jessel’s report in the New Journal last week.

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  1. Chris Knight // November 18, 2015 at 1:39 pm //

    Steve Coxshall has a point regarding the ACV of The Duke after all its his residence and business, and in my book it would at least been nice for him to have to have been asked, I wonder just how many of those in cardigans as Steve calls them would like some outsider applying for planning restrictions on their homes?

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