But there’s someone who’s torn it apart

IMG_4353philippa_roe_1A LITTLE act of rebellion to report from Westminster, as the South East Bayswater Residents Association invited Westminster Council leader Philippa Roe to their annual general meeting last week.

As the guest of honour waited to take the stage, the Association mischievously played The First Cut Is The Deepest, the old Cat Stevens/PP Arnold/Rod Stewart song, over the PA system. Cllr Roe was later invited to sit in front of large sign at Porchester Hall which read: ‘Deep cuts to come’.

By all accounts, Cllr Roe, who wanted to stand as London Mayor next year but didn’t make the (all-male) candidate shortlist, took the jibe in her stride. She told the audience of more than 300 guests about how Westminster and London was a city of “aspiration,” “choice” and “heritage” (i.e. rather than cuts).

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  1. chris knight // November 24, 2015 at 6:08 pm //

    This made me smile, Phillips is more than a match for the comedy team of the SEBRA.
    She’ a very smart lady.

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