Syria: Tulip defends Corbyn for sticking to principles

TULIP Siddiq always leaves herself a little wriggle room, so when she listed a whole load of reasons against bombing Isis in Syria on Radio 4’s Westminster Hour last night she prefaced her views with ‘whereas I haven’t made my mind up completely’ and ended them with ‘at this very moment’. That said, the Hampstead and Kilburn MP didn’t seem in a rush to war, which would seem to lock in with a general view of the constituency membership. “Let’s learn the lessons of Iraq,” she warned. 

Interesting too, though, was how she dealt with the general Corbyn goading, faced by all Labour MPs when they appear on the television and radio at the moment. There are always one or two questions asked in the hope of uncovering a split. Tulip resisted. “There’s been lots of questions raised about Jeremy Corbyn and his position,” she said. “Jeremy has been an MP for almost as long as I’ve been alive. Since I’ve been a teenager I’ve seen Jeremy campaigning in anti-war rallies. He was part of the steering committee of Stop The War. What would we think of Jeremy if he suddenly turned around and shunned his principles and values because he was leader? I’d rather have a leader that stuck to his principles than sounded like a hypocrite.”

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