When UKIP went to Camden School for Girls


UKIP MP Douglas Carswell strayed into unfamiliar territory when he spoke to students at Camden School for Girls, whose famously lefty alumni includes Fiona Millar, Sarah Brown, Emma Thompson and Councillor Georgia Gould, last week. “Clearly realising his views were in a minority, he chose to focus not on his party’s policies but on a more general point about the electoral system,” a senior prefect reports in the school’s weekly bulletin.

But he wasn’t going to get away that easily. Oh no.

The account continues: “Whilst the former Conservative MP made some valid points in his speech, the questions from the audience got down to the nitty gritty of his party’s controversial policies…In answer to rebukes about his views on immigration he said he is not anti-migrants but does not think it is realistic to try and take in more than the system can support.  Finally, he claimed that in a democracy people should have the right to deny that climate change is caused by carbon emissions, and when challenged by the audience with evidence of global warming he stood by his controversial view, stating that ‘human progress comes from challenging orthodoxy’.”

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  1. Carswell really is a slippery sophist, isn’t he? He’s right that ‘human progress comes from challenging orthodoxy’. It’s just the orthodoxy that’s been challenged is the one which says economic growth and human progress can be achieved by states and corporations burning fossil fuels without causing any harm.

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