The Year In Twitpics

…another year of sending pictures (and videos) to Twitter

Helena Bonham-Carter caught up with her favourite weekly read.

The now former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho did a casual bit of talent-spotting in Regent’s Park

Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond inspects meat in a West Hampstead butcher’s shop… mistaking lambs for pigs

The CNJ broke the news that the iconic clothes shop Blustons was closing… so it was goodbye to a famous name in Kentish Town, and the red and white polka dot dress in the window.

Here’s another one of these:

Conservative election candidate Simon Marcus ran out of space on his leaflets.

VIDEO: Boris Johnson immediately regreted stopping to speak to ‘woman at fruit stall’, the otherwise standard character in any election walkabout

Richard Wilson and Tulip Siddiq say rightbackatcha after David Cameron dismisses Ed Miliband as a ‘Hampstead socialist’

Hustings note-taking taken to a new level in Camden Town.

VIDEO: She’s here all week, tossing the scarf. All. Week.

Here’s The Sun’s political guy Craig Woodhouse checking… keys, phone, wallet, Sainsbury’s meal deal lunch. And also Boris Johnson looking studious for the cameras at Brondesbury station.

Isn’t it terrible when journalists interview journalists on the telly? Never liked it

It was revealed Pret sometimes doles out free coffee. Every newspaper thought it had come up with a great idea for a zany feature.

Ed Balls. Days before his election defeat.

VIDEO: Ed Balls. Days before his election defeat. Line-dancing.

Yet more celeb CNJ-reading, but extra points if you can spot photo-bombing election candidate Tulip Siddiq.

VIDEO: HS2 graffiti splattered all over the streets of Camden Town

VIDEO: Rainbow George reveals that dead election candidate Ronnie Carroll (who by bizarre election law remained on the ballot paper) had a bit of a ‘low key campaign’.


VIDEO: A simple set piece went wrong for Tory candidate Will Blair, as a heckler wrecks the moment he is filmed heading into a polling station to vote on election day.

VIDEO: A periscope-live tour of the general election count centre in Somers Town.

Charity shops in Crouch End finally give up on VHS

Islington Tribune, and former Evening Standard, journalist Peter Gruner retires. Nice one Pete!

Islington council leader Richard Watts celebrates Arsenal’s FA Cup win with a hug from the big, green one.

Kentish Town. Summer of Love, 2015.

New SNP Mhairi Black – she of the good speech and being young – heads to Camden Town to buy a new guitar

The Telegraph becomes obsessed with Jeremy Corbyn looking like a geography teacher. Never history or even sociology. Always geography. How witty.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat, etc, etc

Beaten at the general election, Ed Miliband was still being stopped for pictures at the York Rise street party

VIDEO: This BBC guy’s eyebrow wasn’t sure about what the unions thought about the ascent of Jeremy Corbyn.

Talking of selfies, George Galloway was being stopped for them on Brighton seafront at the Labour Party conference

This toilet had been twinned with one in Nepal

The Northern Line gained a winking dog

East Finchley’s new burger restaurant knows how to make its loos inviting for women

VIDEO: Huw Edwards didn’t seem too sure about that David Cameron pig story thing

Former Barnet and Camden London Assemly member Brian Coleman was typically understanding when a load of people saw everything they owned wrecked by the Finchley Road fire

On the buses

The Gunnersaurus again. This time he pays his respects thoughtfully on the touchline.

Camden’s councillors began to look increasingly bored with their own meetings.

What larks at the BBC! They sent Robert Peston on his way with a graphic that had gold coins showered all over him.

Boris Johnson wouldn’t speak to the CNJ about fire service cuts and response times – despite the death of a man in Camden Town. So we ran after him to try and get an interview.

Foxes no longer cared whether the sun had gone down or not

Dog v reindeer. Outside Budgen’s.

The beer can Christmas tree in Archway

Henry Conlon got everybody laughing after a long day of HS2 select committee evidence

The mystery of the summer: how did a Ford Cortina end up in the Hampstead Heath ponds? We may never know, but it was the source of much fun.

Dare we say Haringey’s Joe Goldberg went a little OTT over the new Spurs ground? The greatest place in Britain?

After a tough year for the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg’s book was down to a squid in Waterstone’s. That’s politics!


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