The three-month PPS


AS Michael Dugher’s time in Jeremy Corbyn shadow team has been cut short, it means Hampstead and Kilburn Tulip Siddiq’s peripheral role is also likely to come to an end. She was called up by the shadow culture secretary to be his PPS after conference last year.

It’s hardly, however, been a showstopper of a role, as polite as she has been about it, and when Dugher’s replacement chooses their support team you don’t get the impression she will be overly-devastated if she is not kept on. She had faced a possible conundrum of keeping any shadow role when the time comes to vote against HS2, and in the more immediate future has maternity leave to book.

With critics always on hand to remind her how she used her MP’s nomination to help Jeremy Corbyn get on the ballot paper to be the party’s leader last summer – when she was actually backing Andy Burnham – the idle gossip also has it that this friend-to-all might be keen to keep a longer arm’s length from the new leadership for the time being. Just a spot of idle gossip, mind.

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