Tories call in hipster envelope designers


img_0405DARE it be suggested that D-Dog and the Hampstead and Kilburn Conservative Association are rather gilding the lily with the design of their election correspondence ahead of May’s London elections?

For the latest round of leaflets and indeed an invitation to join the party, punters in West Hampstead have been treated to envelopes decorated with their road names in an assortment of hipster fonts.

An estate agent would be proud of such a play to being seen as super-local, but did nobody tell the brainstorm designers that the Tories play in blue?

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  1. chris knight // January 28, 2016 at 3:30 pm //

    Osser, your way behind the times the Tories have been at this for ages and other envelope ruses, notably”42 to win” and the famous “Mansion Tax” envelopes, ask the Lib Dems!
    No designers all in house work by the enthusiastic Blue Army.

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