The last place in Camden Town to get a pint for £2.49


SO it falls to Kelvin Mackenzie, of all people, to point us to where we can still buy a pint in Camden Town without breaking a five pound note. It’s a serious point, for some of the landlords of NW1 seem to think the addition of a stenciled glass is enough to audaciously ask as much as £5.60 for a lager.

Mackenzie wrote in his normally far less helpful column in The Sun, the paper he used to edit, on Friday: “A young colleague goes to the Mecca Bingo club in the uber-expensive Camden area of North London not for the numbers but for the drink, as they sell Kronenbourg at £2.89 a pint and Foster’s at £2.49. It’s more fall down than eyes down.”

Get your coats. See you in Arlington Road in five.

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  1. Chris Knight // January 31, 2016 at 12:22 pm //

    Richard, never had you down as “Lager Lout”, (on second thoughts you are an Arsenal fan) what about researching a decent pint of bitter, or even a cheapest pint in Camden & Hampstead poll?

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