Nobody move

DEPUTY speaker Eleanor Laing could be found laying down the rules of the House of Commons this afternoon, insisting that MPs stick to the convention of not leaving the chamber swiftly after making a contribution. Far be for it to anyone to suggest that she’s been stewing over the wide media coverage devoted to a reprimand she allegedly gave to Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq last month. Those keeping up will remember how Tulip’s pals palmed details of an apparent exchange between the pair to the Evening Standard and others, and the resulting coverage came across as if Ms Laing was rather picking on her for being pregnant.

Unnamed witnesses claimed Tulip, who had left the chamber in search of a snack after a long wait to speak, was accused then of ‘playing the pregnancy card’ and in doing so ‘bringing down’ – wait for it – ‘the whole of womankind’. None of that can be verified as a 100 percent accurate record of their conversation, but the deputy speaker sure seemed keen to re-iterate this particular rule this afternoon…

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