Cake me to your leader


WHILE a local leadership contest looms in Camden, another Labour local authority leader seems to have no problem with his colleagues knowing their place. Hounslow leader Steve Curran’s online diary reveals how the Labour councillors over there displayed Smithers-Burns levels of chocolate-nosed reverence last week by baking him a cake with happy birthday ‘leader’ icing. Because it’s perfectly normal, of course, to include the council hierarchy in a decorative drizzle sauce.

“Today was a big day for me, as it was my 61st birthday. After seeing to any urgent council business, I was able to enjoy a celebration meal with my family at the Foxlow restaurant in Chiswick,” writes Captain Curran, name-checking the boutique steakhouse where it’ll cost you a score for the ten-hour beef short-rib. “It was most enjoyable and to top it off, I received a birthday cake, courtesy of my fellow Labour councillors.”

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