See us first

bigpicA TINY peek to be had here behind the scenes of how the Labour group may be run in Islington, a borough where the party’s power in numbers means they hold all but one seat on the council. Clerkenwell councillor Raphael Andrews appeared last week to reveal that he had felt his knuckles rapped for the subversive ‘ol caper of sending a letter to the Islington Tribune newspaper without getting it “cleared” by local high-ups. He had written a rather uncontroversial contribution condemning an arson attack on a mosque.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” Cllr Andrews blurted to a reporter. “They said I should’ve got clearance first. I can understand they’re concerned about policies being contravened, but the way they went about it was quite heavy handed. I don’t understand why they’re doing it.”

He later rang back and told the Trib: “I think you’ve slightly found yourself in a situation where you’ve taken what I’ve said far too literally. There isn’t really any story there.”

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