‘Get a grip Kirby’

The scene of the week came on Wednesday morning when people who are being driven from their homes and businesses, or being asked to live next to a construction site for the next decade or more, because of the High Speed 2 rail scheme heckled the highly-paid bosses heading the project. In the video above, track the older woman with the pink hair and sunglasses – obvs, this is Camden – if you can and see her clinging onto the railings to the back entrance to the National Temperance Hospital, the site of a temporary HS2 information centre.

It’s little act of defiance against, in the first instance, a big security guy, but also the £58 billion caper as a whole.

Some may say this is a mob who would snarl and shout even if the suits trying to get through the crowd bothered to stop for a conversation. In reality, it’s just an explosion of emotion and anger; the sort of thing that comes from having nobody listen, or for that matter even seem to care, as your neighbourhood is carved up in front of your eyes and your home starts to feel like a block on somebody else’s Monopoly board.


The chants of ‘get a grip Kirby’ – a sophisticated play on words when you think about it, for this kind of gig… kirby grip – were directed at Simon Kirby, the £750,000 a year chief executive who you can just about make out in the film looking surprisingly surprised by the fuss.

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  1. I attended the Fundraising dinner for Saddiq Khan last Thursday and asked his opinion about HS2. He said he was in favour of it & when I told him we werent he seemed to think our Constituency & MP were. When I refuted it he denied it and kept repeating it. Kier Starmer denies being in favour of it. I told Khan we wouldnt vote for him if he continues in that view. He said nothing. He doesnt seem to get it!

  2. melcdrofla // March 1, 2016 at 11:23 pm //

    What do you expect from these huge salaried bought off administrator corporate types. Do you think they care about what local people think. Profits is the only thing they care about. You can be socially cleansed the sooner the better as far as they are concerned. £750,000 a year salary plus a shares option no doubt. Or saving a few council tenant’s homes. Come on which do you think Mr Kirby would choose.

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