Them’s the rulebooks


A SCENE worthy of Dickens at Labour’s constituency party AGM in Hampstead and Kilburn on Thursday night as members disagreed, disagreed some more, checked the rulebook, and so on over who was qualified to vote on selecting a branch chairman. Everybody at the Kingsgate Community Centre seem to have a different interpretation.

In the end, they decided that it should be a poll open to just delegates, and not the whole membership. This was quite a key decision, given the influx of new members during and since the Corbyn Summer, and possibly fuel for the fire in that part of the borough, and in that wing of the party, where some of the differences of opinion over local council policy have had a public air in recent weeks.

Geoff Berridge, pictured at a council meeting last year, ultimately held the position of chairman from the challenge of Katharine Bligh, seen as the left wing choice. Geoff: 21, Katharine 12. Something like that. Council leader Sarah Hayward, a member of the Holborn and St Pancras branch, had headed north to see the proceedings first hand. MP Tulip Siddiq looked on too.

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