The dappled sunlight in ancient woods


MORE details on Haringey’s bumbly £80,000 logo rebrand have been released in a response to a FoI request to serial council critic Alan Stanton. It wasn’t just the cost  of the switcharound to a cash-starved council which caught some flak; we’ve touched on these pages before how the figure really compares with the council’s overall budget. The quality and nature of this reachy lunge to be cool was also called into question by angrier residents. The documents, essentially a style guide to the new look, are a window into the ideas brainstorm here. Once you get past the happy hipster in the trilby and Haringey v-neck, it tells staff how to communicate. Don’t bluff, for instance, is in there as very helpful advice to staff.


There’s also the rush of words behind the new tagline adopted by the council, that Haringey is an ‘attitude, not a place’. We are dappled sunlight in ancient woods…

Styleguide2And Mr Stanton’s documents show how if you get a letter from the council with the playschool logo at the top, it’s ‘good news’. No logo, and sorry, it’s ‘bad news’.  The full package is here.



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  1. Chris Knight // February 29, 2016 at 2:42 pm //

    I smell Bull Poo & heaps of it!!

  2. melcdrofla // February 29, 2016 at 6:08 pm //

    If you want info through FOI in Camden, forget it. It’s commercially confidential.
    If you want waste read the Camden Labour cliques propaganda everthings great in Camden mag 10 months of the year at council tax payers expense. Oh that’s gone up by 3.99% this year.
    One camden employee whistle blower in the housing department was fired for exposing £6 million waste. Now that’s how you do it!

  3. What is wrong with these wanna be trendy councils, their remit is to provide quality services at a fair price not spend money on designing c**p logos that residents didn’t ask for then pay staff to come up with dumb PR guidelines .

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