CONSERVATIVE ¬†councillor Andrew Mennear‘s bubbling irritation at the filibuster-style answers given by Labour cabinet members at Camden’s council meetings spilled over last night. ‘It’s an absolute disgrace’, he insisted, before providing a quick How To guide on how he thinks it should be done more succinctly. He’ll do well to get anywhere with that. Reforming the structure of the full council meeting is clearly not on the agenda in Camden, with the council taking a it’s broken but let’s not fix it approach for many years now. Occasionally there is talk of a review but the status quo is never troubled. It all suits whichever party is in charge too much.

Nobody seems at all bothered, for example, that members of the public, despite all the issues facing the borough right now, give the session a wide berth; for all the worries that people have no one thought it would be worthwhile to bring a public deputation before councillors last night. Thousands are no doubt hanging on every last filibusted word on the webcast, but in the¬†gallery the sparse numbers were only really bumped by the appearance of Oliver Cooper’s mother coming to see what her son gets up to on a Monday night every six weeks or so.

And then the date of the next meeting was fixed.

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  1. melcdrofla // March 1, 2016 at 11:05 pm //

    Ah local politics and grey men (and women) in suits. Just lost the will to live. Death by boredom.

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