Leicester pride

rishifoxIMG_6688DON’T you just hate it when a football team gets to the top of the league and then everybody starts wearing that team’s colours, even if they are based 100 miles away? But here’s glory glory boy Councillor Rishi Madlani roughing up his work suit with a polyester Junior Foxes scarf at last night’s full council meeting.

Despite in clear breach of the council constitution which says north London councillors should support Arsenal or Spurs, the Mayor allowed him to keep it on around his neck during the budget debate.

Needless to say we never saw this tatty bit of Rishi’s wardrobe when Leicester City were bottom of the league last year.

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  1. Glory glory boy? I’ve only been following the Foxes since I was a boy – sadly a long time ago! I think given that Leicester (on the right train) is only 1hr5 we should adopt them as the 3rd Camden team…

    Plus the Chamber was freezing last night!

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