The pissathon

BLESS Labour councillor Thomas Gardiner who played the worried vicar role at last night’s full council meeting as his fellow members indulged in an unexpected pissathon.

Three uses of the word of ‘piss’ – including Phil Jones and Oliver Cooper arguing about whether or not they were going to get into a ‘pissing contest’ over affordable housing – was too much swearheli for Cllr Gardiner who asked deputy mayor Nadia Shah to intervene on behalf of the good residents of Camden.

She said his concerns would be noted... before, as the webcast shows, a little Vizzy giggle of her own.

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  1. Chris Knight // March 1, 2016 at 2:22 pm //

    I agree with Thomas those in public life need to act with decorum and particularly the Cabinet Member who set off lowering the tone of the proceedings!

    • The deputy mayor should have had the good sense to step in instead of leaving it to Thomas Gardiner. Shows a lack of maturity or confidence on her part. I agree with the fact that these people should have a better standard of vocabulary instead of seeing the town hall as their youth club. Save the swearing for the pub.

  2. melcdrofla // March 1, 2016 at 4:23 pm //

    Polite or vulgar what can they do about anything when the central government has got them by the proverbials in their funding.
    Mind you they would probably waste most of it anyway as fired whistle blower housing employee Ms P. Clarke showed a few years back as was reported in the Camden New Journal. The recent police inquiry into Camden housing repairs department fraud could also be a factor why things don’t happen ‘right first tme’!

  3. The Deputy Mayor might also have taken the time to explain to residents what a pissathaon means? Shalll we vote for the one with the most of it? I feel like Maggie Smith enquiring after a “weekend?” early on in Downton.

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