A pep talk from IDS on beating ‘extreme’ Sadiq Khan


IAIN Duncan Smith was in Belsize Park this morning, meeting local Tories as they headed off to deliver another bundle of leaflets for Zac Goldsmith’s mayoral campaign. Just like Labour in their core areas, the Conservatives are looking to win this election by getting out their vote rather than sucking up time speaking to voters who are considered entrenched in rival camps.

As you can see below, IDS’s pep talk (it’s too quick for the woman on the phone) told the activists to fight the ‘pretty extreme’ Sadiq Khan. Asked later what he meant by the label, he said that Khan was a Corbynite candidate and that put him on the hard left and consequently that made him extreme.

With councillors in the crowd sworn to public neutrality over the EU referendum, the biggest laugh you can hear, maybe a nervous laugh, comes when the Brexit-supporting former party leader said: “Today is not about Europe.”

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