Neutral but not hostile


IN the spirit of the leaked internal matrix as to where the Corbyn inner circle apparently think Labour MPs stand on their new leader, I think we should all start to compile our own. Here’s mine. I’d love someone to accidentally leave a Camden Labour version on the bar in the Skinners.

In the Corbyn list, which The Times¬†gleefully souped up this morning as a document comparable to the files Richard Nixon kept on his politics enemies, Keir Starmer was attributed to the ‘Core Group Plus’. This has been translated loosely as MPs who the leadership apparently think could be willing¬†to do more for the cause and have so far played ball and at least given life under Corbyn a go. Whether Keir’s vote against the three line whip on HS2 today pushes him to a more hostile box on the chart remains to be seen.

Tulip Siddiq meanwhile was listed as ‘neutral but not hostile’. Corbyn’s office was adamant the spreadsheet did not come from them, as pinpoint as that description of Tulip sounds, and did not reflect the leader’s views. It’s true there was a bit of a honk to the whole tale; names were missing from the first leak and there seemed to be some name-switching between the groups as the story was told and retold through the day, Some well known Corbyn sceptics were clearly mislabelled as being neutral.

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  1. Keith Sedgwick // March 23, 2016 at 10:41 pm //

    Blackwell: Hard Core, Hayward: Neutered, Gimson; Futile

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