Fantasy Frank

FRANK Skinner, the comedian, was a bit naughty last week when appearing on The One Show, suddenly accusing the New Journal of Photoshopping a front page picture from last summer in which he claimed we had swapped his own attempt at a landscape painting with a better end product.

frontpic“Frank has been a loyal reader of the Camden New Journal, so will know we don’t go in for Photoshop fakery,” we found ourselves defending ourselves to Chortle, the online magazine about comics and comedy. “Of course our picture has not been modified at all, and was taken during a lesson he was having as part of an art school fund-raiser. He was a great sport and generous with his time, and we enjoyed his amusing, if slightly foggy, recollection of the event on The One Show this week.”

More pictures from the Hampstead School of Art’s open day and fund-raiser at Whitestone Pond below show Frank clearly painting, touching up, tampering, or whatever he’s doing, with somebody else’s work shown on our front page last year. The defence rests m’lud.


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