Dear colleagues…

imageIT’S official then. Sally Gimson has emailed Labour councillors this afternoon confirming that she WILL stand against group leader Sarah Hayward at next month’s AGM, the first leadership challenge since Sarah herself successfully challenged Nash Ali in 2012.

The full text:

Dear Colleagues

Camden is fighting to remain the borough we know and love in the face of a Tory government desperate to asset strip our communities.

We now need a big tent approach and an inclusive leadership which makes use of all the talents we have at our disposal.

That is why I have decided to stand at the forthcoming AGM as leader of Camden Council.

This is not a decision taken lightly but something which many of you – and numerous residents – have urged me to do.

Without a leadership that has partnership at its heart, both in the party and in the borough, we will lose our power to influence events and shape our future.

Camden is under attack from this Tory government and we must resist it.

We need to use all the brains and different perspectives in our group, not only in cabinet. We must be able to work much more closely with our new MPs Keir and Tulip, and from May with our new Mayor Sadiq.

We need to use much more effectively the energy and activism of our local Labour parties and trade unions as well as the wider Camden public and the institutions which make up this borough.

We also need to join together with other Labour councils throughout London in fighting cuts, to protect our communities.

As Labour councillors we will be letting our residents down unless we resist this government – and do so united.

Only by acting together – as we were elected to do – can we take on the government, do our best for the people of Camden and develop policies for a future Labour government in 2020.

We can build that future here for us and for Labour together. That is my vision, it is shared by many.

I look forward to talking to you all over the next few weeks about how we carry this forward.

With very best wishes


4 Comments on Dear colleagues…

  1. Keith Sedgwick // April 6, 2016 at 5:47 pm //

    Well that will have the Corbynistas rallying round her, the Blairites rolling their eyes at her, and the in-betweeners calculating the odds of an allowance increase (oops, I meant promotion) under her.

  2. I wonder if a change in leadership will lead to the decriminalisation of busking in Camden.

    I can only hope.

  3. Anyone will do except Ms Hayward or her predecessor both political careerist opportunists of the first order.

  4. Nice to see someone (Gimson) committed to ensuring they work in a unified way and that there is finally hope for refreshing the council’s political leaders. Shame we don’t operate like the American presidency and only allow limited terms as a lot of these councillors have had it cushy, creating a closed, dictatorish culture to suit themselves rather than one that really works for Camden and all party members instead of excluding them.

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