Chasing Corbyn

EVERY day reporters wait outside Jeremy Corbyn’s home near Finsbury Park, which to some extent is fair enough if he is refusing to give conventional interviews to the national press. Even since becoming Labour Party leader, he’s answered questions from our local paper, the Islington Tribune, so it’s hard for me to vouch for how difficult it has been for others.

There were tweets yesterday that suggested he had somehow boiled over in a wild rage in front of a reporter from LBC on his doorstep but, even if Corbyn could’ve handled it better, when you look at the footage you may start to wonder whether journalists themselves need to grow a thicker skin.

Still, Corbyn may this morning be feeling a little paranoid about just how far he is being chased down his road after someone spotted that he appears close to his home on the all-seeing Google streetview map of the world.

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  1. You are right – that was hardly the worst treatment a journalist has ever suffered! I have been really roughly treated trying to doorstep presidents in Africa.

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