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READERS of the feature interview in the Former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer catches up on local newsGuardian on Saturday may have wondered, after more than 2,000 odd words, what new they had learned about Holborn and St Pancras MP Sir Keir Starmer. The big picture showing had a bit of a tickbox flavour to it, just about echoing every interview he has given since deciding to switch careers and stand for the Labour Party two years ago,

He’s prepared to give Corbyn a fair chance 
He doesn’t think Corbyn is the Messiah 
He isn’t interested in the Labour leadership 
For the moment 
A tour of towns and cities outside of London talking about immigration issues could have the secondary use of helping to broaden his appeal within the party should… that for the moment be turned into a ‘I am interested now’ 

The fact the national press would rather continually ask Keir about his chances of securing the top job rather than, say, policy ideas and positions – read it again, you won’t find mention of his HS2 rebellion in there – this repetitive cycle may well be welcomed by those hoping that he will one day lead Labour.

As footballers trying to remain coy amid increasing speculation that are about to be signed by a big club, with contracts being drawn up behind the scenes, often say to reporters: It’s nice to be linked with a club like Manchester United the leadership and I’m flattered, but I’m concentrating on what I’m doing and trying my best  for Barnsley sorting out the cafe dispute on Parliament Hill fields right now. 

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  1. John Bryant // April 11, 2016 at 11:58 am //

    I am surprised that the photo of him reading the CNJ stems from 2014 and a week after the local elections. Has he not read a copy since?

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