Ridiculous tweet? Possibly

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AFTER standing in front of a Cameron Stiff & Co estate agent board and then a picture of Gordon Brown laughing, it seems the Conservatives in the north of the borough still need a quiet word on where to put their candidate when the camera is out. This time it’s not a press camera, but Barnet and Camden election candidate Dan Thomas himself with the PR clanger of snapping and tweeting away at mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith and Claire-Louise Leyland in front of a ‘ridiculous possibilities’ poster. This one won’t be on the leaflets.

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  1. Let’s hope they didn’t mean Claire-Louise as a lady would be a ridiculous possibility as Mayor…the Tories are very subversive locally. She is on her way to something good. Labour on the other hand still confine women to a traditional role. Let’s see them put a mother in charge of community safety and a man in charge of children’s services.

    • Women from Labour have held all Cabinet/Executive posts in Camden council, the Cabinet is 50% women and the leader and deputy leader are women so what are you talking about?

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