Royal Hainess

LABOUR cabinet councillor Abdul Hai says the Queen is “brilliant”, and that, contrary to a council statement to the CNJ earlier in the week, Camden Council does want to light a beacon for her 90th birthday after all. He said officers had told him only Hampstead Heath or Primrose Hill would be suitable, a little hard to believe given the beacons being handed out by the Royal Household are about as big as a football on a shopping trolley.

A dutiful subject, Abdul, surely not a man who never challenges the absolute view of officers, says he’s back from holiday and ready to find a site so Camden can join the nationwide chain of lanterns that will begin at Windsor Castle. He’d better hurry if Camden are to light a beacon, as there’s only a few days to go. The monarchists among you will have noted that neighbouring Islington already has its site ready and a lighting ceremony planned for Dartmouth Park.

If Abdul does find a site and get a Camden a beacon, however, his fellow Labour councillor Doug Beattie has already suggested something that could get the flames started, tweeting a picture of the Daily Telegraph‘s excited souvenir edition with the words ‘perfect for a bonfire’. If only that Conservative motion suggesting the Town Hall congratulates the Queen for her long reign had been heard at full council last year, then we’d be able to pick the rebellious republicans from the royalists among our councillors.

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