Sarah Hayward WINS leadership election

LABOUR councillors have tonight voted to keep Sarah Hayward as their leader, backing her after she was challenged by social services chief Sally Gimson. She won by 24 votes to 15 with a full turnout.

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  1. William // May 4, 2016 at 5:11 pm //

    Au reservoir, The Tsumani of the local Labour group. Presumably the entire Cabinet apart from poor dear Sally voted for Sarah ‘I will have my way’ Hayward but rather a large proportion didn’t. The cabal has its work cut out to deliver the Camden Plan even by 2018. They do seem to have forgotten quite a few things but do increasingly respond to prompts. How lovely of the Cabinet to give themselves a bit more time. Their main failure is dealing with the Directorate who run rings round them…let’s mention that beacon once more, shall we?.And that crucial factor beginning with ‘r’…lots of them in Camden…choking to death….rats?…no…3 syllables….they vote…got it….you mean the residents!

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