Moved on: The intimidating Tulip Siddiq

HAMPSTEAD and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq has been criss-crossing her constituency, conspiciously appearing at polling stations. As her husband tweets above, baby Azalea and the MP ran into Conservative councillor Jonny Bucknell telling (and looking fluent in babba-goo-goo at Belsize Square Synagogue at lunchtime).


When her roadshow reached West Hampstead Library this afternoon, a fanclub seemed to have congregated, cooing at the four-week-old as she slept through her first election. Apparently, the crowd was too much for a teller from a rival party who complained that there was too many red rosettes intimidating voters as they headed into vote. Out came the presiding officer and a bouncer to split up the party with a ticking off for verging towards a fault in polling station etiquette.

Here’s the excuse-me, tap on the shoulder moment, as she was told to move her crew along…

IMG_8148 IMG_8153

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