Trending: Frustrated writers threatening to vote for the Tories

David AaronovitchTREND of the week, writers who have supported Labour in the past threatening to vote for the Tories if Jeremy Corbyn survives as leader. This fashion arrived in our patch as one of Tulip Siddiq’s high profile constituents, David Aaronovitch, used his Times column to say, as much as he likes some Labour MPs, he’d cross a box for a Tory if it would prevent Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister. He’s pictured above being canvassed  by the Conservatives outside Hampstead tube station back in 2010.

“The best Labour MPs are, to my mind, the best MPs of any party,” he wrote on Thursday. “I want what they want. Yet in so far as any of them might contribute to a majority for Mr Corbyn (or Mr McDonnell or anyone remotely similar) I would vote against them. Even if it was for a Tory. And right now I can imagine an angry young Corbynista reading this column by mistake and hissing: “What a betrayal of Labour and its values!” That too would be a Jeremyad.”

Not to be outdone, Dan Hodges, former Hampstead and Kilburn MP Glenda Jackson’s son, now penning for the Mail on Sunday, went further:

Screenshot 2016-06-05 at 12.12.07

Still, as so few columnists predicted last year’s general election result and the rise of Corbyn following Labour’s defeat, the key for all of us wanting to know what will happen next, I guess, is to work out how the views of top-name writers like these guys – that voting Tory is now option – match with the majority of traditional Labour supporters.

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