North London politicians join tributes to Jo Cox


SO horrific it is scarcely-believable, the brutal killing of MP Jo Cox in West Yorkshire has led to a river of tears all the way back to London where she lived on a houseboat on the Thames and was friendly with many of London’s politicians. With heavy hearts, Camden’s devastated MPs Tulip Siddiq and Keir Starmer, who held the freshers connection of being part of last year’s new intake at the House of Commons with Jo, have been among those paying tribute.

As the #thankyourMP trend has swept across social media in response to the realisation that MPs get flack, stress and abuse in return for little recognition or praise, both Tulip and Keir have been receiving tweets aimed at showing that people are grateful. This will certainly continue through Friday, as spreads a shared regret among much of the public that Ms Cox’s compassionate campaigning on issues such as the refugee crisis is only being read about now for the first time, and due to the most tragic of circumstances.

Keir spoke on Sky News earlier:

Keir said: “Jo was an inspiration. Every day she fought for a better world with guts and determination. She was widely loved and respected. Words cannot describe how devastated we all feel. All our thoughts are with Brendan [Ms Cox’s husband] and her beautiful children.”

Tulip added: “Jo was not only a fantastic public servant but also an amazing person. She reached out to me before I became an MP and the memory of having dinner with her at her home will always stay with me. She made a huge impact in Parliament in such a short time. My thoughts are with her husband Brendan and the children today.”

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  1. Love, Hope, Peace….

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