Will the Town Hall come to a standstill for the football?

WAY out west, Hounslow Council has basically made the decision that so many council officers want to see England play Wales in the European Championships at 2pm today that there’s no point pretending everyone won’t be distracted at their desks. So they’ve set up a telly for staff to gather around.

“Staff are required to get approval from their line manager, if they wish to take this time off. Service needs are paramount and take priority over any such requests,” a council statement said. “Time taken off will need to be made up at a later date. A TV screen will be put in LPCC area for staff to watch the match.”

They may not be rolling out the overhead projector in the chamber at Judd Street, but a Camden Council spokesman explained the rules this morning that there was a bit of understanding over here too. “Staff that want to watch any of the football during the tournament can book annual leave or use our flexible working practices with the agreement with their line manager to catch the games,” he said.

CNJ reporters, of course, will be busy working very, very hard. But what about the councillors? England’s next match after this, against Slovakia, collides with their full council meeting on Monday evening. Look out for the apologies for absences there…


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  1. Chris Knight // June 16, 2016 at 10:28 pm //

    How sensible of Hounslow, nothing wrong with a bit of national pride. I’ll take a bet that CNJ reporters watched the Eng/Wales match? From my time in the engineering business on these important England matches we agreed with colleagues that they would start earlier to cover the time lost during the game and in return provide them with light refreshing sustenance, easy every body happy😁

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