You know what? Let’s just call it… ‘planning’

YOU will often see reports of what’s happening at the council’s “planning” meeting in the Camden New Journal, but the official name for this panel of councillors who decide whether you can have that loft extension or not is actually the “development control committee”.

After years of going by that name, Camden has suddenly come around to our way of thinking and are proposing to use the same shorthand as we do by sensibly re-naming the arduous sessions of Thursday night club as the “planning committee”.

Wicked tongues who say the change is because the development control committee was not controlling much development in a borough with so many new luxury home schemes, of course, are not to be believed.

It’s just to make things clearer to the public.

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  1. Anonymous // June 18, 2016 at 10:38 am //

    To change from Development Control Committee (DCC) to Planning Committee is a very sensible move DCC may well be understood by those such a residents groups, but to regular resident its Planning that they understand.

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