Remain wins here, but Gospel Oak is tipped to be Camden’s most Eurosceptic ward

IT’S not earth-shattering to say that Camden is tipped to be one of the most pro-Remain areas in the entire country when the votes of today’s EU referendum are counted up later. People have been saying so for months and the expectation among our local politicians is that every ward in the borough will have more voters who want to stay, than go. For a bit of interest in such a predictable count at the Camden Centre then, we turn to former mayor and Labour councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli who is hosting a tipster challenge on Facebook today. Councillors are guessing which ward will be most pro-EU in terms of Remain voters. There is, it turns out, a great spread of opinion, even if a bit of ward loyalty is at play.

Lazzaro himself says his money is on Highgate, a bet which has the approval of ward councillors Oliver Lewis, Sally Gimson and Sian Berry. Rishi Madlani calls it for N6 too. Council leader Sarah Hayward goes with Belsize and Bloomsbury, Lorna Russell sides with West Hampstead, while Andrew Marshall says he has hope for his Swiss Cottage ward will top this poll. Gio Spinella and Richard Cotton predict “cosmopolitan” Hampstead Town ward will come up highest for Remain, and former councillor Geethika Jayatilaka sides with her turf of Kentish Town.

Nash Ali also predicts Bloomsbury will score high, but then the guessing game turns to which ward will have the smallest support for the Remain campaign. “Gospel Oak has strong anti immigration support and could be least EU,” Nash forecasts. Maeve McCormack also says she is worried her ward, Gospel Oak, may be least enthusiastic about the Remain campaign. Others have tipped Kilburn and Somers Town for a bit of Euroscepticism.

Two hours ’til counting, place your bets now…

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  1. Zack Polanski // June 23, 2016 at 8:49 pm //

    West Hampstead.

  2. chris knight // June 23, 2016 at 10:23 pm //

    My 10p would is on Frog & Fitz.
    No wonder Mauve worries with Jezzer saying” he’s not keen on the EU’ that makes him an outer I unlike many others like Jezzers “tell it as I see it” approach.
    That said is he the right man to lead the opposition?

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