Islington Council leader says ‘strong support’ for Corbyn in Labour group

SO yesterday we had Holborn and St Pancras MP Keir Starmer resigning from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow team, a move which was then commended by council leader Sarah Hayward and several other Labour councillors in Camden. Georgia Gould struck out with the same opinion late in the afternoon when she tweeted the “current situation was untenable”. On the other side, Tulip Siddiq, the MP in Hampstead and Kilburn, has so far called for unity, while Labour councillors from Kilburn were among the ‘Keep Corbyn’ rally in Parliament Square.

But what’s happening in neighbouring Islington, where Corbyn is, of course, the MP for the north of the borough? There, the council leader Richard Watts reports this morning a “strong support for Jeremy in the Islington Labour Group”. He made the comment while refuting a piece by Paul Waugh for the Huffington Post, which suggested a motion calling on Islington North members to send a message of support for Corbyn to the parliamentary Labour Party was aborted for fear it might not get carried.

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  1. Camden Resident // June 29, 2016 at 7:54 am //

    Corbyn 251,417 votes
    Burnham 80,452
    Cooper 71,920
    Kendall 18,857
    Turnout 76%

    Corbyn won with more than 3 x the number of votes of the next highest candidate. He had more votes than ALL of the other candidates combined.

    If Labour can’t accept a democratic decision within its own party what hope do we have for their other decision-making? This spiteful infighting in public damages the reputations of all.

    Politicians would do well to remember that we still live a democracy.

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