44-35: Corbyn supporters lose motion vote in Holborn and St Pancras

IT’S not often Newsnight turn up to a meeting of the constituency Labour Party in Holborn and St Pancras, but the cameras were in Judd Street earlier to survey Jeremy Corbyn supporters in an attempt to gauge whether they still have the same power to propel him to victory in another leadership contest. Kilburn councillor Thomas Gardiner appeared warning that the grassroots felt “hurt” by attempts by MPs to override the members’ choice, while Laura Murray, from Momentum, said even more new members had signed up and were ready to take up the cudgels for the Islington North MP, when called upon.

Inside the meeting, however, a motion on sending a vote of confidence in Mr Corbyn was voted down with the split reported to be: 44 against sending it, 35 in favour. Pretty close, but a defeat for Corbyn supporters here.

“We were asked to send support to Corbyn and the CLP has declined. It’s not a good night for him, as members have done the same thing in Tooting,” one source said.

Both Holborn and St Pancras Keir Starmer and his predecessor Frank Dobson have already declared that they think it is time for a new leader and that Corbyn’s position is now untenable. It would have been an awkward evening if the local membership had chosen had a different path and Keir’s position did not align with the way the motion vote. Camden’s other MP, Tulip Siddiq in Hampstead and Kilburn, faces a similar meeting in her constituency tomorrow.

Despite the obvious differences of opinion, however, it wasn’t apparently particularly fiery meeting at the Town Hall, with everybody sitting on their hands and doing their best to stay civil… at a time when the party as whole is said to be in a state of civil war.

One Corbyn supporter suggested Keir’s presence at the meeting meant some members felt like they could not be open about their wish to provide more backing to the leader. Another blamed the motion not being carried due to a delegate system where branch delegates vote on members’ behalf. The chance for every individual member to vote may have to wait until a leadership ballot is finally called.

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  1. It was clear that Corbyn and his Momentum & other backers vastly under-estimated grassroots Labour member anger & grief about the result of the EU Referendum and Labour’s role in this.

    Speakers from the floor made it clear just how disappointed they were in his/Labour’s failure and as leader of the Party he should bear responsibility.

    Corbyn backers counter-argument about an ‘organised Blairite conspiracy’ or ‘coup’ etc did not wash because of the clear evidence from our poor campaign, which trumped everything. To be honest, talk of plots and questions to Keir from Corbyn backers about the sequence of events in order to uncover a secret truth behind all of this sounded OTT.

    Those calling for Corbyn to go are from all wings of the Party now – today 500+ councillors added their voices – and many CLPs will be debating the same issue in days to come unless things change.

    Nor was the charge led by moderates or ‘Blairites’ in the meeting. Previous Corbyn supporters, ‘soft left’ and young members were very vocal in the debate and turned out in numbers to the Town Hall. This swung vote ultimately 44-35 against the motion to support Corbyn as Leader.

    Their main reason time and time again was Labour’s performance during the EU Referendum and the historic change to the political environment which demands much more effective leadership.

  2. Angie L // July 1, 2016 at 1:59 am //

    Corbyn didn’t lose the referendum the immigration issue did. People who don’t understand that, don’t understand the views of many people in this country probably because they spend their time on their safe middle class bubbles most of the time. It has already been said that these kinds of meetings don’t reflect the entire party, 80 people do not represent an entire party

  3. Zenaida // July 10, 2016 at 1:31 pm //

    This could go on for ever! We’ve already had Kexit (Keir) and Tuxit (Tulip)! Whatever next a Thexit (Theo) or does Georgia gettit? if they don’t like what the party has become these are grown-ups who have a choice and can and join parties that get things done like other voters do or stop being councillors for a party they don’t trust..

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