Tulip: It is now time for a leadership contest

HAMPSTEAD and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq has this afternoon confirmed that she too thinks Labour needs to hold a leadership contest, a view held by Keir Starmer and Camden Council leader Sarah Hayward. With constituents asking her to clarify where she stood on Jeremy Corbyn’s future, she said today the party would not be able to continue in its current state without one.

“We have to remember that people have given blood, sweat and tears for this party, and no one person is bigger than the Labour Party,” she told the CNJ earlier. “My position is that we need to have a leadership contest and then the party better unite around who wins so we can build an opposition than can win the next general election whether it is in 2020, or in October. But our main concern should be Brexit. This is the biggest political earthquake of my lifetime, and a much bigger issue than who should lead the Labour Party. That is my number one priority, and why I am taking legal advice over whether I can vote against Article 50.”

She is due to face constituency members – which includes many Corbyn supporters – tomorrow night to explain her view.

1 Comment on Tulip: It is now time for a leadership contest

  1. Bridget Dunne // June 30, 2016 at 10:04 am // Reply

    Well said Tulip and we need a fight back against Brexit’s xenophobia and racism along with all the lies so pleased to hear that you and hopefully many others will vote against Article 50.


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