One is an Islington legend accused of outstaying his welcome…

Jeremy Corbyn, Gunnersaurus, Kat Fletcher

Arsene WengerHE was considered a legend in Islington with crowds of fans wanting to shake his hand, but is now accused of outstaying his welcome as he faces a backlash from supporters of his own team.

But that’s enough about Arsène Wenger/Jeremy Corbyn… etc, etc

Almost trending on social media, see the evidence below, the switcharoos around the Arsenal manager and the Labour Party leader just keep coming. Everybody who tweets it thinks they’ve thought of it first, and on it goes. More, Corbyn/Wenger tweets, more, they may never end unless one of them quits.

The new twists on the ‘gag’ are something about both having empty cabinets, and something along the lines of: What’s the only difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Arsène Wenger? Not much – they both refuse to quit regardless of how many times they’re told to – but Wenger is much more keen on being in Europe.

While you’re all lolling yourself silly at the clockwork retelling of this switcharoo (even Piers Morgan has got involved), there is a warning for the people who want Corbyn, 67, to depart the Labour leadership, as much as some Arsenal fans want Wenger, 66, to leave the Gunners.

Corbyn was asked by the Islington Tribune in February, when Arsenal really were struggling and there was a revolt on the Emirates backbenches, as to whether he thought it was time for a change of management at the football club. He replied by urging Wenger to stand firm. “I’m with Saint Arsène,” he said. “Arsène is the Premier League’s longest serving manager, he’s very intelligent, very well-informed, a very knowledgeable guy.” To the delight of loyalists, he’s now applying his own advice to his own predicament.

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