Lib Dem councillor defects to Labour

c1gI1bsqNOT in Camden. Don’t worry Lib Dems, Flick Rea has not crossed the floor. But over the borough boundary in Haringey, it’s surely a bit of a loss for the party to see Sarah Elliott head for the exit door and take up with Labour. She had once led the party in Haringey, where of course not so long ago the Lib Dems had enough support in the borough to return Lynne Featherstone as one of its MPs before she was bundled out of parliament by Catherine West.

You don’t need me to tell you that Labour councillors in Haringey are licking their lips on this one; sometimes you get the impression that they hate the Lib Dems more than the Tories in that part of the world due to the unhealed scars of electoral clashes there.

“It has become increasingly clear to me the Liberal Democrats on Haringey Council have been too fast to talk our area down and too slow to put together an alternative sensible, strategic and relevant policy platform for local people as we fight against this Tory government,” Cllr Elliott, who represents Crouch End, said today. “I am someone who cares passionately about social justice and I was very proud to have been appointed as Haringey’s disability champion earlier this year. But the truth is that I cannot put that passion into practice on the Lib Dem benches.”

She adds: “I can no longer sit on the opposition benches as a Lib Dem heckling from the sidelines and failing to provide a positive alternative vision of the future for the people of Haringey.” The statement goes on and on and on… although doesn’t mention Jeremy Corbyn anywhere. Instead, she says she’s been inspired by new London mayor Sadiq Khan.

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  1. I’ve never met Sarah Elliott or heard anything about or from her. Googling I can’t find her long statement. Do you have a link, please?

    Though perhaps I understand her frustration about “heckling from the sidelines”. But I can assure her – having been a Haringey councillor until 2014 – that it was nothing to do with being a Liberal Democrat. Anyone deviating from the closed-minded views of the Dear Leader is completely ignored whether speaking from the side, the rear, the balcony, the cellar, by email, on Twitter, or at a demonstration outside the Civic Centre. Possibly also from a flying saucer hovering over the building.
    Ambition huge, their eyes are bright, the KoberTories always right.
    Anyway, as one of the most moderate middle-of the-road, progressive, centrist, sensible people in the Tottenham Labour Party I’d welcome anyone at all who has at least two non-Tory ideas to rub together in Koberville.
    What is Sarah’s view of Jeremy Corbyn and the end of the 30 year NeoLiberal consensus? Has she heard of him? Has she read the words “Democratic Socialist” on the back of her Labour Party membership card.
    Because I’m curious why Sarah is joining the KoberTories at this point? Hasn’t she seen the announcement by Tom Watson MP: that the bodies of huge numbers of Party members across the UK have been taken over by beings from the Planet Trot?

    P.S. In case anyone was wondering, I have conducted a personal search of every room of our home in Tottenham including a small garden shed and outside toilet. No Trotskyites. Not even in the outside toilet. Though there was a dead Mouseki and some spider webskis in the shed. Plus a garden rake labelled “Made in China”. But it didn’t mention “People’s Republic” so maybe that’s OK.

  2. PPS.There aren’t any “benches” in Haringey Civic Centre. They have little tables and – at least when I was there – uncomfortable chairs which can give you backache.
    Perhaps Sarah Elliott has been going by mistake to meetings in another borough where they have benches.
    Anyway, once in the right building I strongly recommend bagging a seat by the door so Sarah can slip out and get some badly needed fresh air. And perhaps coffee to stay awake. Or go to the toilet when they’re about to vote through some new Tory policy.

  3. Barbara Lisicki // August 12, 2016 at 6:20 pm //

    Is Cllr. Sarah Elliot a disabled person? I don’t know. What I do know is that a disabled person should be the disability ‘champion’. We’ve had no-disabled people speaking on our behalf for too long and whilst we appreciate allies in our struggle for rights and emancipation we think it needs to be an authentic voice. Haringey’s disabled community has been fragmented and at odds for many years – the result of ‘carer’ domination of the debate and our complete marginalisation in the political arena. Well I’m sticking my head above the parapet now and asking the relevant questions. Next move? That’s up to us all

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