Tulip says she can’t come… she’ll be in Liverpool

WITH her Conservatives Party links, we’ve spotted before how local Tories can sometimes be found wondering whether tireless Hampstead campaigner Jessica Learmond-Criqui could one day be persuaded to stand for election. When dealing long-range forecasts at the bar, they don’t just mean for the council but as a parliamentary candidate to take on Labour MP Tulip Siddiq.

And if JLC is tempted by such a mission – the task could be made significantly more attractive if boundary changes announced this week come into effect and we get a new Hampstead and Golders Green – she can tell those selecting the candidates that she is already qualified in getting under Tulip’s skin.

For example, take her latest op-ed for the Ham and High today, in which she announces that she has called a public meeting to discuss the consequences of the proposed, “seismic”” CS11 cycle lane for September 27, and that “I invited TfL, Tulip Siddiq MP and Val Shawcross, the deputy mayor transport and they have all told me that they will not be coming. I have invited the Mayor Sadiq Khan and await word from his office”.

It may be a long wait, as the date she has chosen is bang in the middle of the well-advertised Labour Party conference – that thing where the party will decide who will be leader until next summer. I’d like to have been a fly on the wall in Tulip’s office this morning when she saw that she and others had been named and shamed in the press for refusing to come to meet the public on a night when  every Labour politician and activist is expected to be gathered in Liverpool. The battle, it seems, is lit.


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