Liverpool ’16: Tulip ready for a job in Jeremy Corbyn’s new Westminster team



ALMOST like clockwork, and in a similarly mechanical way to which they had all tweeted similar messages of resignation a few months ago, there’s been a sort of copy-and-paste reaction from Labour MPs today to Jeremy Corbyn’s emphatic victory in the party’s second leadership contest in as many years. One by one, the line is: Congrats – and now let’s have unity. How comradely, with a notably asbence, for now, of that threatening talk of ‘vote Corbyn, and we might split’. Keir Starmer, who stepped down from his immigration role in that whirl of resignations which helped spark this contest, offered a concilliatory tone today and is said to be considering a return back to work in the shadow team at Westminster. Tulip Siddiq, who like Keir supported Owen Smith as politely as she could and without ever really saying anything aggresive enough to truly burn her bridges with Corbyn and his supporters, immediately said she was open to working on the front bench. Olive branches offered, olive branches, it seems, accepted. Such responses will no doubt play well among the memberships in their constituencies, who had ignored their guidance (and that of a majority of Labour councillors) earlier this summer and nominated Mr Corbyn to be retained as leader instead.

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  1. No surprises there, then…the front-bench is always the best place as one can keep an eye on them….

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