Liverpool ’16: Karaoke? They chanted for Tony Blair

WHAT to make of the song choices at the late night karaoke session enjoyed by Labour members gathered n Liverpool for conference last night: Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down, an ode to Jeremy Corbyn perhaps, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, possibly a message for those feeling left out in the cold right now. The contingent from Holborn and St Pancras, by the way, chose Cher’s 1989 hit Turn Back Time, decode that as you will. Video evidence is apparently floating around somewhere.

There was no grey area over who the evening’s final song (see below), was for, a cringing recall of the New Labour election anthem, Things Can Only Get Better. This saw people hopping up and down in the Adelphi hotel ballroom like it was 1997. Corbyn supporters weren’t in the mood to join in, however. When the tune was drowned out with chants from this merry crowd of ‘Tony, Tony, Tony’, as in Tony Blair, one woman marched onto the dancefloor, shouting at anybody who would listen that they had ruined the evening by choosing that song. Camden councillor Sally Gimson was caught in the crossfire, quite comically because she had not been among those chanting the former Prime Minister’s name.

“I thought I was having a lovely evening in the company of good people, and now I’ve realised I’ve been sat here all the time with the Progress lot,” the protester shouted over the last strains of D:Ream’s song. “I hate that song.”

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