Lib Dem stumbles into Owen Jones fanclub meeting


nickOWEN Jones was given a hero’s welcome last week as he joined Labour campaigners in Kilburn to make sure everybody knows, if they didn’t already, that the party is against grammar schools.

An ecstatic fanclub gathered around a big banner and placed him in the middle with Tulip Siddiq for the pictures. Not then perhaps the best time for former Liberal Democrat councillor Nick Russell to pop out to the shops. The expression on his face in this behind the camera snap, as he realises what he’s about to wheel his bike through, says it all…

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  1. Chris Knight // October 10, 2016 at 5:55 pm //

    He didn’t stumble in it was just Nick having a nose around to pick up a few tips from those Labour folks who ousted him in 2010.

    Hope he learned a trick or three!

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