Great day on the doorstep, at the street stall… and in the bin

IT’S ok for normal people who just like Strictly Come Dancing and a bit of football at the weekend but if, like some institutionalised local journalist, you follow Camden’s political groups and actTories-twitterivists on Twitter then Saturday is a day for staying away from your phone and computer. If you do, then without fail you will see a reel of grinning group shots and a message or two about the great response our local Labour and Conservative politicians have had on the doorstep or at a street stall.

Needless to say, nobody ever tweets about the slammed doors or the heckles from grumpy shoppers just trying to buy a loaf of bread.

The common grumble backstage, particularly in Labour’s more competitive circles, is that these kind of pictures have mutated from a show of strength into an almost
passive-aggressive online device to show their own party colleagues how hard they are working at weekends, pounding the streets and heroicly pushing leaflets while they are, heaven forbid, having a lie-in, seeing friends or mini-breaking in Budapest.

Amid this weekend’s gallery, credit does go to the Tories (right) for trying to shake up the normal selection of football wall line-ups with something different as they get feedback on Camden Council’s garden tax and other headline grievances. But, dude, you know you’re standing in a bin, right?

Bin talk

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